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Map of Blackhawk Arena, RV, and Stalls Area

For reservations and information contact:

Jake Van

Phone:  435-979-7268
Fax: 435-529-2155  
Cell: 435-979-7268

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2021 BLACKHAWK  ARENA General Rules:

  1. Be sure you have made prior arrangements for items needed to conduct your event and access into the facility.
  2. Remove all trash from the building and outside arena and deposit in the dumpster at the southeast corner of the building.
  3. No animals are to be left on the arena’s property without prior permission.
  4. All vehicle’s carrying animals must park in the designated areas. No horses will be unloaded or loaded on the asphalt parking lot at any time.
  5. No vehicles will be allowed it the arena’s or warm-up arena or outdoor arena without permission.
  6. People ride and participate at their own risk. Salina city, Salina city Municipal Building Authority (Blackhawk), is not responsible for damage or injury to animals, persons, or property.
  7. People using these facilities are responsible for their own insurance.
  8. Anyone found vandalizing or improperly utilizing property will forfeit their security deposit, may be prohibited from future use, and may be subject to criminal charges.
  9. A review board is in place to arbitrate penalties and infractions of these rules. Each offender will have an opportunity to appear before this board for a hearing prior to any action resulting from the offense.
  10. Events override all other activities. Includes open riding.
  11. Special handling of livestock will not be permitted during open riding times. Mondays are available for practice roping and rodeo practice, Scheduled Tuesday nights from 6 pm -8 pm 18 and under, 8 pm -10 pm open. Roping boxes must be racked in, alley and chute must be cleaned, put in a wheelbarrow and dumped in shavings pit by stalls H & G, Must provide own cattle, Everyone must have a MEMBERSHIP. People with cattle cannot charge participants. Roping sleds or heel o matics are not permitted in the indoor arena, they may be used in warm-up arena Mondays and Tuesday nights.
    • Any other times may be rented at a rate of $50 an hour for the arena, $35 for a warm-up for cattle or sleds.
  12. Everyone Must have a current Blackhawk membership to ride at the facility which includes: an indoor arena, outdoor arena, and round pen. Guest may pay arena manager or put money in Dropbox of $10 per horse per day. (exception event participants)
  13. Barrels and poles may be used for practice as long as no one else is utilizing the facility. Barrels and Poles must be returned back to their designated storage area and not left in any arena.
  14. All dogs must be leashed and properly taken care of at the facility.
  15. The outdoor arena is available at any time for rodeo event practice, except during scheduled events. (no lighting provided.)
  16. Make sure doors and lights are off when last to leave the arena.
  17. Horses are to be tied up only in designated areas.
  18. No unattended children in bathrooms and foyer area or in the banquet room.
  19. Members are asked to follow these rules and to help enforce them, members are asked to report any miss usage or problems right away to 435-979-7268.
Blackhawk Arena must have full cooperation on these rules, to keep everyone safe and able to enjoy the Arena.

Arena scheduled events may be found on Blackhawk Arena calendar and Blackhawk FB page. Also, call or text JAKE at 435-979-7268